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the dangers of your unpatched systems

The Dangers of Your Unpatched Systems

With organizations today focusing their security efforts on ransomware detection, phishing prevention, and command and control monitoring, many tend to overlook one of the simplest, non-human security weaknesses: Unpatched systems. While exploits to vulnerabilities on unpatched systems don’t cause as many breaches as phishing or social engineering do, they still cause nearly 10% (Verizon Breach […]

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How to Choose a Cybersecurity Professional Services Provider – A 6-Step Guide

Choosing a Cybersecurity Professional Services (PS) provider is similar to choosing any other professional provider.  Think about how you would go about choosing a doctor, lawyer, or mechanic. Would you look at reviews? Seek out referrals? Conduct brief phone interviews?  The process for choosing a PS provider is largely the same. In this article, we’ll […]