Additional CMMC Resources

SP6 is here to help you navigate Cyber Compliance. 

Cybersecurity Awareness and Training
(CUI Program Training and Awareness Products)

DHS – Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) Training Material
  • Reference Securing Critical and High-Value Assets (HVAs) – CMMC Level 3 
  • Intro to Investigating Logs for Incidents – CMMC Level 2
  • Intro to incident Analysis
  • Understanding Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) for HVAs
CISA Tabletop Exercise Packages (Test your Incident Response Plan Per CMMC Level 2)

Incident Response, Reporting, and Testing

System Hardening Principles, Standards, and Checklists

NIST Templates

Contract and Legal Risk (Non-Compliance is more expensive than Compliance)

Optional Artifacts and Products