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SP6 Drives Better Observability Outcomes

So, you’ve invested in Splunk Observability or ITSI and have mixed results. Some capabilities are manageable, but you have mission-critical business applications that are still performing poorly. Too often, organizations lack the in-house  expertise to realize the value in locking down effective utilization. 

In an attempt to address this ongoing problem, you might have turned to professional services, but this is a short-term solution. Do you let your license sit collecting dust, or do you seek out help to optimize ongoing administration and usage? SP6 empowers you to avoid this shortcoming with ongoing assistance from an assigned Certified Splunk Observability and ITSI Expert who will ensure your success. 

Commit to making a massive impact on your organization’s technology experience and master your observability strategy.

Splunk Observability and ITSI Services Are Ideal For:

Organizations that don’t have in-house Splunk Observability or ITSI expertise, are struggling to find talent, or can't retain ITSI talent.

Companies that do have employees knowledgeable of Splunk Observability and ITSI but need skill development.

Leadership that wants to leverage fractional Splunk Observability and ITSI expertise to force multiply your own in-house Splunk team.

Breaking Down Our Observability Services

  • Monitoring maturity roadmap creation  
  • Service modeling roadmap creation  
  • Performing service decomposition workshops  
  • ServiceNow and Splunk On-Call integrations  
  • Splunk Observability Cloud (O11Y) cloud integrations  
  • KPI Base Search Creation  
  • Service KPI tuning  
  • Developing custom KPI threshold templates  
  • Building glass table dashboards  
  • ITSI entity creation  
  • ITSI team configurations  
  • ITSI service buildout  
  • Notable event aggregation policy creation and tuning  
  • ITSI upgrades  
  • ITSI health checks and remediation  
  • Content pack installation and configuration  
  • Data on-boarding (OTEL Collector, Splunk RUM, Splunk Synthetics, all of which bring in data in different ways)  
  • Custom synthetics script development  
  • Splunk On-Call configuration   
  • Receive part-time ITSI expertise on an annual basis for year-round success 
  • Analyze your system targeted for improvement 
  • Ensure ongoing KPI development, thresholding, and ITSI improvement 
  • Empower your own staff with quality knowledge transfer 

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