C3PAO/DIBCAC Assessment Support

SP6 Provides Support When Most Needed

SP6’s C3PAO/DIBCAC Assessment Support Services ensure DIB organizations pass their assessment with minimal pain.

Your organization is ready to retain a C3PAO to perform your official CMMC Assessment (or, facing a DIBCAC assessment). Even with your best efforts to protect CUI according to NIST standards to satisfy DFARS and CMMC requirements, you’ll want qualified CMMC Certified Assessors (CCAs), and Professionals (CCPs) that are independent of your Assessment Organization by your side. This is vital before, during, and immediately following your Assessment by a C3PAO or DIBCAC; CCPs.

Organizations for Which This Service Is Appropriate

These services are designed for DIB Organizations Seeking Certification (OSCs) that feel they are ready for their official CMMC Assessment. 

Please note that SP6, by design, is a CMMC Registered Practitioner Organization (RPO) and not a C3PAO. SP6’s business is focused on strengthening security and compliance of CUI (Controlled Unclassified Information) and CMMC programs. This service offering pairs you with a CMMC Certified Assessor (CCA), and CMMC Certified Professional (CCP) from SP6, who is actively engaged with you before, during, and after your official assessment. This is to ensure greater likelihood of compliance success.

Why Is This Important?

During a DIBCAC assessment, it is common for organizations to have multiple security requirements trending as “other than satisfied” or to finish the assessment with at least one POA&M. We anticipate a similar pattern during the Joint Surveillance Voluntary Assessments (JSAV). However, we have contacted the DoD to obtain more information and confirm this. As soon as the information is received, it will be shared accordingly.

Immediately preceding your C3PAI or DIBCAC Assessment

As an Organization Seeking Certification (OSC), you need to prove to a C3PAO that you are ready for your assessment. To do so, your C3PAO will conduct a Readiness Review. SP6 assists in the following manner:

  • Verify Organization Seeking Certification (OSC) readiness with the selected C3PAO (Readiness Review Support).
  • CMMC Pre-Assessment Form Template
  • Despite your best efforts at preparation, there will be NIST controls in your environment that may not be interpreted as meeting the standard for compliance. Across all security standards, there is a strong likelihood that the C3PAO assessment team will not interpret certain controls in the same manner as implemented.
  • C3PAOs, due to independence rules, can’t recommend how you remediate these failed controls.
  • SP6 will assist in interpreting any feedback from your C3PAO during your Readiness Review to help remediate controls that appear lacking, per the C3PAO.

During your C3PAI or DIBCAC Assessment

This oversight includes:

  • Evidence collection and validation, documentation, and provided representation during your assessment.
  • Acting as the liaison during key stages of your assessment, particularly the Daily Checkpoints.

Why this is important:

  • The C3PAO is required to present Daily Checkpoint meetings during your official assessment. These checkpoints provide preliminary findings that highlight deficiencies currently preventing your organization from reaching compliance.
  • In these checkpoint meetings, your third-party assessor may indicate that, for example, “control ‘x’ is trending towards a fail.” SP6 ensures that the assessor has the specific evidence they are seeking in those circumstances.
  • SP6 “speaks the same language” as your C3PAO Assessor. As such, SP6’s Certified CMMC Professionals are able to facilitate the conversation between your OSC and the third-party assessor. The #1 benefit of this liaison role? Ensuring that your organization doesn’t fail based upon a request from the C3PAO that your organization may not understand.
  • SP6 will assist with corrective POAM generation — and resolution where possible — during your assessment.

After C3PAO or DIBCAC Assessment, leading to final certification

  • For failed security controls that can’t be cured by POAMs during the actual assessment, SP6 creates and manages all POAMs during the 180 days of post-assessment support.
  • SP6 continues to act as your liaison during C3PAO re-engagement during your statutory cure period.
  • Prior to the C3PAO reengaging for final reassessment, SP6 ensures that the Risk Assessment — required by Cyber AB — was performed. This includes remediation activities tied to deficient controls and validation that they now successfully mitigate their associated risks.
  • Ensure that your organization has a greater likelihood of final CMMC certification.

From selecting the right C3PAO and guiding you through their required Readiness Assessment, to providing support during the actual assessment, followed by POAM support, remediation, and validation up to final certification, SP6’s C3PAO Support Services offer a much greater likelihood of achieving CMMC certification.

Start Preparing Now

Benefits to Your Organization: 

  • Identification of the right C3PAO for your organization.
  • Ensure a smooth DIBCAC or C3PAO Assessment.
  • Leverage the expertise of accomplished CMMC Certified Assessors (CCAs), and Professionals (CCPs) who speak the same language as the C3PAO assessment team.
  • Reduce the cost of the C3PAO Readiness Review and Assessment.
  • Provide post-assessment support, generating and managing corrective POAMs (Plan of Action with Milestones) until Level 2 Certification is attained.
  • Scale investments to your exact needs — spend nothing more and nothing less

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