C3PAO Assessment Support

Pass Your Assessment with Minimal Pain

The consequences of failing your CMMC assessment are dire: loss of contracts, costly fees, and a stressful 180-day period to remediate all deficiencies. C3PAO Assessment Support can make or break this part of your compliance journey. 

As a Registered Provider Organization (RPO), SP6 equips you with the expertise needed to pass the assessment the first time. Our Certified CMMC Assessors (CCAs) and Certified CMMC Professionals (CCPs) will act as a liaison between you and your C3PAO, providing you with critical pre-, during-, and post-assessment support. 

What Do SP6’s C3PAO Assessment Support Services Look Like?

With three distinct divisions of service initiatives, SP6’s C3PAO Assessment Support Services follow a path that best uplifts organizations during the assessment process.  

This is a direct response to a variety of reasons why organizations seeking compliance (OSCs) would need professional advising in the first place, including: concerns with the consistency of C3PAO audits, a lack of understanding the assessment process, or already having a strong CUI/CMMC program but needing additional support. SP6’s services address a spectrum of needs across maturity levels with comprehensive, practical support.  

Let SP6 manage your formal CMMC Assessment RFP process. We simplify and manage the request for information, quote, or proposal process (RFx), leading to selecting a suitable C3PAO. As the foundational step in a successful C3PAO assessment, pre-assessment efforts are especially tailored to simplify and ensure success. This includes:  

    • Signing a single NDA with SP6 instead of multiple NDAs with C3PAOs that may not meet your requirements.  
    • Collecting your requirements and CMMC readiness statements and working directly with multiple C3PAOs to validate their compatibility with your requirements.  
    • Proposing only the C3PAOs that match your requirements and objectives.  
    • Only needing to sign NDAs with a subset of down-selected C3PAOs.  
    • Collaborating with the assessment team, as the Cyber AB allows, to provide the assurance case and body of evidence (BoE) necessary as part of the Readiness Review portion of the CMMC Assessment Process (CAP).  

Our compliance advisors will provide ad-hoc support during the formal CMMC assessment, including participating in the daily C3PAO briefings, final briefing, and reporting or reviewing daily reports and outputs with your organization.

Assist any findings or recommendations resulting from the assessment process.

If your organization isn’t ready to participate in a complete C3PAO assessment or assessment support service, SP6’s Pre-C3PAO Mock Assessments provide a one-time, independent, deep-dive assessment to ensure organizational readiness for CMMC. Performed by our CCAs, this service facilitates an experience at the same level of a C3PAO assessment to discover where processes and personnel are standing at a granular level, ensuring assessment preparedness. 

Start Preparing for Your Assessment Now

Our Certified CMMC Professionals & Assessors Will Help You: 

What's Included in Your C3PAO Assessment Support

A pre-assessment
readiness review

Actionable remediation guidance for any gaps

Evidence management

Representation & guidance during your C3PAO daily checkpoints

Presentation of evidence
to the C3PAO

Creation of PO&AMs & ongoing post-assessment support

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Benefits to your Organization

Why SP6?

Our Certified CMMC Professionals (CCPs) and Certified CMMC Assessors (CCAs) have 15+ years of experience helping companies reduce the cost, workload, and complexity of compliance.


Unmatched <br>Expertise

We take the time to intricately understand your organization’s unique objectives and maturity levels so that we can provide customized, ROI-enhancing solutions.

Customized, Holistic Approach

Customized, Holistic Approach

We take a bird’s-eye view of your situation to identify opportunities for time and cost savings.

Focus on the
Bottom Line

Focus on the <br>Bottom Line

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