CMMC Implementation Services

Secure Your Business Through Individualized Security & Compliance Remediation Services

Security and compliance isn’t one size fits all.  

Different organizations are at varying levels of maturity when it comes to the existing state of their InfoSec and Security Compliance programs. That’s why SP6’s CMMC implementation services:

  • Provide customized offerings tailored to maturing your information security program and CMMC DFARS / CMMC compliance.   
  • Apply a realistic, iterative approach to making these necessary improvements. 
  • Understand that organizations can only absorb limited amounts of workload and cost tied to these critical programs; prioritize and organize efforts based around security controls that will provide your organization with the greatest lift.

By the end of this phase, your organization will be fully prepared for its CMMC assessment by a Certified Third Party Assessment Organization (C3PAO). 

Benefits to Your Organization: 

  • Significantly reduced cyber and business risk.
  • Iterative increases in your organization’s SPRS score and CMMC readiness.  
  • A competitive advantage in obtaining federal contracts. 
  • A significantly reduced workload, as SP6 handles the time-consuming generation and management of documents and artifacts. 

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