The Intersection of Security Analytics and Cyber Compliance

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Security Analytics

False alerts? Our advanced configuration experts will prevent them from happening in the first place. Stay one step ahead with our security analytics solutions providing real-time visibility into your environment. We detect and analyze threats, enabling proactive responses before they escalate.

CMMC Advisory Services

CMMC requires a complex mix of tools, expertise, processes, and documentation. A read of any single CMMC practice, let alone all 110 of them, leaves cybersecurity practitioners asking many questions. We have a dedicated team of CMMC and DFARS experts ready to assist you.

Ransomware Protection

Cyberattacks are evolving, but so are we. SP6 builds resilient security architecture that adapts to emerging threats. We empower your organization to bounce back swiftly from incidents and minimize downtime. Stay protected and leverage our team's combined experience of over 75 years.

Automated Compliance & Monitoring

Automated compliance through real-time analytics cuts the manual burden in half. By automating DFARS, CMMC, and other NIST compliance efforts, we enable the Defense Industrial Base (DIB), critical infrastructure organizations, and other forward-looking organizations to strengthen their compliance and security posture.

We’re Masters of Security Analytics in the Splunk Partnerverse.

Maximize the value of your security investment with our Splunk solutions. Our 30+ Splunk-certified engineers won’t rest until you see results.

Get expert help with your security analytics and compliance goals.

CMMC Advisory Services

In a world where auditors and assessors are around every corner, making strategic choices that align with your organization’s cybersecurity and compliance needs is crucial. We’re not your average team; we’re comprised of Certified CMMC Assessors and Professionals (CCAs and CCPs) who have not only assessed but also designed secure and resilient security controls for Operational Technology (OT) Networks. Our track record of successfully managing and maintaining compliance programs for Fortune 500 prime contractors sets us apart.


Revolutionizing CMMC Evidence Collection and Compliance Reporting

As experts in security and cyber compliance, we decided to build something that would truly change the game when it came to navigating the complicated world of compliance regulation and the tedious task of evidence collection.

SP6 is proud to announce the release of ASCERA. Automated security and compliance evaluation through real-time analytics reducing the burden of attaining and maintaining compliance by over 50%.

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