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When you partner with SP6, you gain access to the industry’s top experts. All of our 40+ engineers are Splunk certified with 10.5+ average years of industry experience, 8+ average years of Splunk experience, and expertise across all Splunk premium applications. No junior to mid-level hiring here — our experts are at the top of their game.  

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CMMC Advisory Services

In a world where auditors and assessors are around every corner, making strategic choices that align with your organization’s cybersecurity and compliance needs is crucial. We’re not your average team; we’re comprised of Certified CMMC Assessors and Professionals (CCAs and CCPs) who have not only assessed but also designed secure and resilient security controls for Operational Technology (OT) Networks. Our track record of successfully managing and maintaining compliance programs for Fortune 500 prime contractors sets us apart.


Software that Revolutionizes CMMC Evidence Collection and Compliance Reporting

As experts in security and cyber compliance, we decided to build something truly game changing to help navigate the complicated world of compliance regulation and the tedious task of evidence collection.

SP6 is proud to announce the release of ASCERA. Automated security and compliance evaluation through real-time analytics reducing the burden of attaining and maintaining compliance by over 50%.

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