CUI Data Mapping

Reduce the Scope, Cost, and Ongoing Administration of CMMC Requirements

CMMC compliance, and the required investments in your cybersecurity program, can be costly.
Are you investing time, resources, and capital
into areas that
you don’t have to?  

SP6’s CUI Data Mapping service aims to prevent these unnecessary costs. By analyzing your environment before making costly, time-consuming InfoSec and compliance investments, SP6 will map out exactly how and where controlled unclassified information (CUI) exists in your systems. From there, our experts will provide tailored recommendations on how you can reduce and control this flow of CUI 

What You’ll Receive: 

Benefits to Your Organization: 

The result? 

By identifying the components of your environment that contain CUI, you can limit the areas of your business that are subject to CMMC compliance. This allows you to save time and money while still meeting regulatory security requirements and increasing your security posture around business-critical data.  

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