CUI Data Mapping

Reduce the Scope & Cost of Your DFARS / CMMC / ITAR Investment

The security investments required for DFARS, CMMC, and ITAR compliance can be costlybut what if you’re pouring resources into areas that you don’t have to? SP6’s CUI Data Mapping Service strategically identifies, centralizes, and minimizes your CUI footprint to reduce the scope, cost, and complexity of your compliance investment.  

Our Certified CMMC Professionals & Assessors Will Help You: 

What's Included

An in-depth, expert-led investigation into your operating environment.

A data-flow diagram illustrating how CUI interacts with your systems and supply chain.

An asset categorization in alignment with the CMMC Scoping Guide.

A system-boundary diagram conceptualizing and defining the controlled environment.

A preliminary System Security Plan (SSP) detailing your environment.

Benefits to your Organization

Why SP6?

Our Certified CMMC Professionals (CCPs) and Certified CMMC Assessors (CCAs) have 15+ years of experience helping companies reduce the cost, workload, and complexity of compliance.


Unmatched <br>Expertise

We take the time to intricately understand your organization’s unique objectives and maturity levels so that we can provide customized, ROI-enhancing solutions.

Customized, Holistic Approach

Customized, Holistic Approach

We take a bird’s-eye view of your situation to identify opportunities for time and cost savings.

Focus on the
Bottom Line

Focus on the <br>Bottom Line

Don't Take Our Word for It...

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