ASCERA: Compliance Automation Software

Automate Evidence Collection and Status Reporting with ASCERA

Manually collecting evidence for NIST-based compliance is a time-consuming, laborious process. That’s why we developed ASCERA — a next-generation compliance automation software that slashes the burden of CMMC and DFARS in half through automated evidence collection and real-time status reporting

ASCERA follows a simple three-step process to reduce the manual labor of compliance. First, it automatically collects your system data. Then, it runs this data through its Compliance Rules Engine, and finally, ASCERA automatically and continuously determines compliance status in near real-time

What Does ASCERA Include?

Automated Evidence Collection

Real-Time Status Monitoring & Updating

Built-in NIST 800-171 Guidance

Integration with GRC Tools

Full Integration & Support Services

Benefits of ASCERA

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