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5 Key Qualities of a Top Splunk Admin

As a company grows, the amount of data it produces also grows. At some point, you will need to bring on a Splunk admin to help you manage and make sense of all that data.

Choosing a Splunk Administrator might be tough but understanding these key characteristics in your prospects will help you make an informed decision and reduce your stress. But what qualities should you look for in a top Splunk admin?

Here are five key qualities:

  1. Solid Knowledgebase
  2. An Investigative Mind
  3. Highly Detailed and Organized
  4. Seeks Continuous Improvement
  5. Communication and Teamwork

Splunk Admins oversee a wide range of routine activities, including managing the Splunk Core, enrolling new data, and keeping track of existing data all the way to optimizing searches and dashboards. With so many different tasks that your Admin will be performing daily, it’s critical that they have these important talents.

A Solid Knowledgebase:

The most fundamental feature is a solid understanding of Splunk as a whole. Splunk is a complicated tool that may need a lot of focus, depending on the size of your environment. While no admin should be expected to memorize every configuration subset, it is critical that they have some basic knowledge about how all the major components operate and interact together to resolve any potential problems with the platform.

An Investigative Mind: 

When issues arise in Splunk, they can be hidden in some of the most devious places. Supplying a Splunk Administrator who builds on their broad experience base and isn’t afraid to explore logs from all angles is critical for keeping your Splunk installation up and running.

Highly Detailed and Organized: 

The configuration system in Splunk is incredibly open, so you may structure it as you like. However, because of this, when dealing with hundreds or thousands of configurations, it might be easy to lose track of one configuration. A person who is highly detailed and organized as well as a person who can develop, implement, and use a standard naming convention might make managing Splunk’s configuration files considerably easier for the entire team.

Continuous Improvement: 

Keeping up with the latest technology and training helps you keep a competitive advantage in an ever-changing world. It takes twice as long to catch up as it does to keep up, so people who want to improve their skills become more valuable over time.

Communication and Teamwork:

Keeping a Splunk installation running is a complex task that requires coordination with many teams. The ability to communicate and collaborate as a team is perhaps the most important quality of all, whether it’s onboarding or daily hardware/software/os maintenance.

If you are looking for a Splunk Admin with the qualities listed above, we would be happy to help.

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