CMMC Strategy Planning for 2024

Watch as we give you a comprehensive overview of the CMMC framework, addressing the facts, dispelling the myths surrounding this essential certification and answering audience questions. https://vimeo.com/929543934?share=copy Key Learning Objectives:  Demystifying CMMC: Gain a clear understanding of what CMMC is and how it differs from other cybersecurity frameworks. Latest Updates and Changes: Our expert speakers […]

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How to Choose a Cybersecurity Professional Services Provider – A 6-Step Guide

Choosing a Cybersecurity Professional Services (PS) provider is similar to choosing any other professional provider.  Think about how you would go about choosing a doctor, lawyer, or mechanic. Would you look at reviews? Seek out referrals? Conduct brief phone interviews?  The process for choosing a PS provider is largely the same. In this article, we’ll […]