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The Economic Impact of Data Innovation 2023 Splunk Report

The Economic Impact of Data Innovation 2023: 7 Ways Advanced Data Practices Drive Success

Does an investment in data innovation drive real, monetary results?  That was the question driving Splunk’s latest research endeavor, The Economic Impact of Data Innovation 2023.  By surveying over 2,000 organizations worldwide, researchers discovered that mature data practices allow organizations to increase profits by nearly 10%, get a leg up on competition, and drive significant […]

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Here’s How to Get a Handle on Noise and Alert Fatigue

Editor’s Note: This article is co-authored by Barry Duncan, Team Lead, Professional Services Observability; and Chase Yates, Practice Manager, Security. A common problem technology teams face is the high volume of noise in their environments and the resulting alert fatigue.  Items clamoring for an analyst’s attention can include:  Threats  Anomalies  Incidents  Notable Events  According to […]