Security Controls Validation

(Breach and Attack Simulation)

Discover the Holes in Your Security Controls Before Attackers Do

Are You Confident in the Effectiveness of Your Security Defenses?

Three things are true of security controls:

They fail constantly.
They fail silently.
Their failures can have disastrous, costly impacts on your organization. 

In 2022, Verizon estimated that 82% of breaches evaded pre-existing security controls.
In addition: 

91% of attacks
never generated
an alert

53% of attacks
infiltrated environments
without detection

Only 33% of attacks
were stopped by
security controls

What’s the point of investing in security controls if you can’t guarantee they’re working correctly? 

Assess Your Ransomware Risk Now

Validate Your Security Controls Through Automatic, Continuous Testing

 The best way to prove the effectiveness of your security controls is to attack them as an adversary would. 

By safely simulating dozens of real-world attacks on your systems, Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) reveals which areas of your environment adversaries could penetrate and allows you to remediate them before adversaries get the chance

Benefits to your Organization

Proactive Protection Against Ransomware 
Discover the security gaps in your environment before a bad actor does. Our ransomware assessments allow you to identify and remediate exploits before they actually get exploited.  

Concrete Remediation Guidance 
We’ll provide you with a comprehensive report illustrating exactly where your security controls failed and how they can be fixed. We’ll also help your prioritize these remediation efforts based on severity and risk. 

Continuous Visibility
Rather than providing a point-in-time snapshot of your security controls, our ransomware assessments are designed to be continuous. You’ll always have the most up-to-date picture of how your controls are operating against the newest types of ransomware.  

Justification for Security Spending  
By testing how your organization would fare in a real-world attack, ransomware simulation reveals exactly which areas of your environment are making you vulnerable. This gives you hard-to-refute justification for securing additional tools, budget, or staff.  

Fast Deployment and Results  
Our ransomware assessments can be completed in a matter of days or weeks, not months or years. You’ll receive the results of the simulation expeditiously, allowing you to take action now toward better security. 

Hope is Not a Strategy.

Test the Effectiveness of Your Security Defenses Now.