SP6 Successfully Develops new Splunk App for Leading Software Company in the ITSM space

SP6 is pleased to announce the formal release and Splunk certification of Splunk Apps and Technology Add-Ons for one of the leading software companies in the IT Service Management space.

This leading software company had a suite of products that did not previously have any available integration with Splunk.  SP6’s Splunk development team developed both integration and out-of-the-box visualizations that are now available on Splunkbase.

The App and TA are also Splunk certified, which is Splunk’s indication that any App or Technology Add-On is built according to Splunk best practices.

“Organizations now expect any software product to integrate with Splunk, as it has become the market’s leading data analytics platform,” said Jim Barge, Partner at SP6.  “There have literally been cases of CIOs commenting that ‘if a product doesn’t integrate with Splunk, we won’t consider it in our environment.’”

“Software publishers know product development, but they don’t in many cases know Splunk”, Barge continued. “SP6’s Splunk developers have the expertise related to Splunk APIs, Splunk development libraries, and other Splunk-specific expertise required to build Splunk Apps and add-ons.  Our Spunk developers possess this expertise and are able to quickly and effectively build and deploy user-friendly Splunk Apps.”

SP6 has now successfully developed and deployed Splunk Apps and TA’s for over a dozen companies, including software houses that need to provide integration of their products with Splunk, as well as corporations needing to integrate in-house applications with Splunk’s data analytics platform.

Organizations interested in learning more about how SP6 can assist them with the development of Splunk Apps and Technology Add-Ons (TA’s, essentially plug-ins) are encouraged to contact SP6.

About SP6

SP6 is North America’s fastest-growing Splunk services firm. Our Splunk SMEs deliver Professional Services and Managed Services with a demonstrable record of customer success. Our fully certified consultants, which focus exclusively on Splunk, combined with our prescriptive Success PlanSM for Splunk, empower your team to maximize the value of your Splunk platform.

We manage successful deployments of core Splunk and premium apps, upgrades, scaling, search, report, and dashboard creation, new data onboarding, and Splunk Health Checks. We also have a team of accomplished Splunk Developers that focus on building Splunk apps and TA’s.