SP6 Introduces the Success Plan for Splunk

SP6 is pleased to announce the formal introduction of the Success PlanSM for Splunk, an innovative and prescriptive methodology designed to ensure that customers get the most value out of their investment in the Splunk platform.

In the spring of 2018, SP6 gathered their Lead Splunk Professional Services engineers and asked two simple questions: What gets in the way of customer success with Splunk? What can be done to reduce these hurdles and drive more successful customer outcomes?

The result is SP6’s new, one-of-a-kind methodology that surprisingly did not exist and is intended to optimize the business value of Splunk.

“Customers share common challenges,” said Jim Barge, Partner at SP6.  “In many cases, Professional Services deploys Splunk and then ‘hands the keys to the car’ to the customer. The customer is left asking, now what?”

“Splunk is an incredibly powerful platform”, Barge continued. “Yet system administrators and security engineers are over-burdened, wearing many hats, and organizations may struggle to develop in-house Splunk subject matter expertise, resulting in the failure to fully develop the capabilities of Splunk.”

The Success PlanSM for Splunk:

  • Is based upon a prescriptive series of specific, focused tasks
  • Relies on ongoing technical involvement, in the form of monthly touches between your company’s Admin or Splunk users, and an SP6 Splunk SME.

The Plan is designed to address issues common across all customers, who universally need help with:

  • Use case advisement: “We think this is possible. What do you think?”
  • Advanced use of Splunk, including writing queries designed to optimize results and system performance
  • General security (not product) consulting: “What should we be doing?”
  • Data interpretation, as it pertains to each customer’s unique data

Organizations interested in learning more about The Success PlanSM for Splunk can contact SP6, who will provide a full description of the methodology and information on how this Plan works.

About SP6

SP6 is North America’s fastest-growing Splunk services firm. Our Splunk SMEs deliver Professional Services and Managed Services with a demonstrable record of customer success. Our fully certified consultants, which focus exclusively on Splunk, combined with our prescriptive Success PlanSM for Splunk, empower your team to maximize the value of your Splunk platform.

We manage successful deployments of core Splunk and premium apps, upgrades, scaling, search, report, and dashboard creation, new data onboarding, and Splunk Health Checks. We also have a team of accomplished Splunk Developers that focus on building Splunk apps and TA’s.