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Aditum announces official rebranding as SP6

Aditum is pleased to announce the rebranding of the organization as SP6.

Why SP6?

SP stands for “SEAL Principled”, as in the United States Navy SEALs, with the number 6 representing what that community refers to as their All-Star team; the team of their most elite operators.

Several years ago, the founders of SP6 had the good fortune of meeting a retired Navy SEAL Commander. This meeting led to several personal and mentoring relationships, as well as charitable endeavors, between the partners of SP6 and certain members of the Navy Special Warfare community. These transformational relationships, in turn, led to the introduction of a foundational ethos that drives the manner in which our organization operates today.

“At their core, the U.S. Navy SEALs represent elite performance,” said Jim Barge, co-founder of SP6. “That elite performance is driven by a myriad of operating principles that assure this performance, which is only attained through a relentless commitment to, and hyper-focus on, excellence.”

SP6 applies many of these same core principles to our cybersecurity and IT observability practices. These principles include:

  • Selecting only top performers to our team
  • Ensuring the ongoing development of these team members so that they can perform at the highest levels for customers
  • Applying a mentality of accountability and ‘extreme ownership’, constantly asking ourselves what we can do better for customers and team members
  • Exercising servitude, placing the customer’s interests above our own

“Customers need partners that they can rely on; partners that will deliver outsized results, on a consistent basis. Our customers invest heavily in mission-critical tools and services, and deserve nothing less.”

“SP6 has developed a niche team of subject matter experts in the markets that we serve” Barge continued. “The SP6 team is recognized as the gold standard in certain markets, including SIEM technology, cybersecurity, and IT observability. We assert that humbly, given that one of our Core Values is to Seek Continuous Improvement. We’re constantly looking for ways to ensure elevated customer experiences and outcomes.”

SP6 would like to use this opportunity to thank the hundreds of customers that we have served since our founding, as well as the team members that drive these satisfied customers. We look forward to serving customers and our team members as we continue to grow and introduce new products and services in the technology markets in which SP6 operates.

About SP6

SP6 is a technology firm specializing in cybersecurity, CMMC compliance, and systems Observability. Our solutions include CMMC Guardian, a software application purpose-built for CMMC, automating the collection of data and status reporting tied to CMMC compliance, in real-time. CMMC Guardian is built upon the Splunk data analytics platform.

SP6 has built North America’s largest and most accomplished Splunk Services team. Our team of cybersecurity and technology observability specialists ensures that the digital assets of customers are both protected and highly performant. SP6 delivers this expertise through both project-based Professional Services, as well as Managed Services for those organizations that can benefit from additional guidance.

For more information, please visit www.SP6.io.