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Anxious about your organization’s cybersecurity posture?

Perhaps you’re experiencing system interruptions, report generation failures, or data accessibility issues. Or you’re ignoring genuine threats because thousands of alerts pour in every day. Not only are you vulnerable to exploitation, but you’re finding it difficult to scale and achieve your business goals.

If this is happening within your organization, it’s critical to protect your environment – and important to maximize the value of your machine data. Whether your system is on-premises, cloud-based (your own or Splunk’s), or hybrid, SP6 can deliver the manpower and knowledge you need.

We partner with organizations of all sizes and industries. Engagements can range from a week to several months. During that time, we’ll identify and address any gaps you may have. Your team will work side-by-side with our highly-credentialed and trained engineers, who have 17+ years of IT experience and 4+ years of Spunk experience.

When the project ends, your SOC staff can confidently take over.

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