SP6 Sponsors the CyberTech|X Accelerator Program

SP6 is pleased to announce support for the CyberTech|X Program. 

SP6 has partnered to support Tampa Bay Wave and their technology accelerator program. Wave is designed to bring technology entrepreneurs, mentors, and investors together, for the purpose of driving technology innovation. Wave has kicked off its’ inaugural CyberTech|X Accelerator program, comprised of fifteen promising cybersecurity technology companies from across the United States and the United Kingdom. 

SP6 is part of a consortium of partners dedicated to providing mentoring to these organizations and funding for this program. SP6 joins other partners including EY, ReliaQuest, KnowBe4, Bank of America, Cyber Florida, and other partners in sponsoring Wave’s CyberTech|X Program.

The CyberTech|X Accelerator offers innovative cybersecurity software companies access to key resources to include one-on-one mentoring with notable tech founders, a formal cohort program, introduction to venture capitalists and other cybersecurity industry leaders, and much more.

“We’re pleased to partner with Wave in their mission of supporting leading-edge tech startups,” said Jim Barge, Co-Founder of SP6. “One of SP6’s core values is to ‘Care and Give Back.’ Our participation in this program ensures a vibrant technology start-up community. It also ensures an opportunity for solutions to be created and reach a market that can ultimately have an impact on customers; in this case, solving for additional cybersecurity needs.”

About SP6

SP6 is a technology services firm specializing in next-generation Analytics solutions based upon the Splunk platform. The company has built one of North America’s largest and most accomplished Splunk Services team. Our Splunk Certified Consultants drive client success with initial Splunk deployments, environment upgrades/scaling, the building of dashboards/searches/reports, and performing Splunk health checks, across all major Splunk use cases (IT Ops, IT Security, and DevOps). SP6 also provides Splunk Managed Services for those organizations needing assistance with ongoing platform administration, assuring that customers can realize the value of the analytics platform.