SP6 Announces the Release of the Company’s Salesforce Security App for Splunk

SP6 is pleased to announce the release of the SP6 Salesforce Security App for Splunk. The App is designed to protect sensitive customer data housed in Salesforce.com from both internal and external threats.

SP6’s Salesforce Security App is designed to detect and alert for:

  • Unauthorized users
  • Log-ins based upon geo-location
  • Changes to permission levels in Salesforce.com
  • Abnormal user behavior (such as accelerated data exfiltration)
  • License usage

“Splunk has asked partners to develop applications that provide specific out-of-the-box capabilities, beyond Splunk’s core data analytics platform,” said Jim Barge, Partner at SP6.  “One of the areas that SP6 decided to focus on was the security of leading Cloud-based applications in any customer environment. We then focused on what we refer to as an organization’s Digital Crown Jewels – those applications with customer, HR/payroll, financial or other data that is deemed sensitive and mission-critical.”

SP6’s App includes a focus on insider threat detection, as over half of security events can be tied to malicious insider behavior.

“There are a large number of Apps available on Splunk’s app portal” continued Jim Barge.  “The Salesforce App that was previously available, prior to SP6’s solution, was last updated over three years ago and has extremely limited functionality.  We think customers will find the SP6 Salesforce App to be robust, well documented, and one that will provide added security value to organizations and their mission-critical customer data.”

SP6’s Salesforce App has passed against all Splunk AppInspect checks and is compatible with Splunk Enterprise v 7.0+, Splunk Enterprise Security v 5.3.0+, and Splunk Cloud. The App is currently available at www.splunkbase.com.

SP6 is also currently building an App to protect sensitive HR and payroll data that is stored in Workday. The anticipated release of this App will occur in Q1 2021.

About SP6

SP6 is a technology services firm specializing in next-generation Analytics solutions based upon the Splunk platform. The company has built one of North America’s largest and most accomplished Splunk Services team. Our Splunk Certified Consultants drive client success with initial Splunk deployments, environment upgrades/scaling, the building of dashboards/searches/reports, and performing Splunk health checks, across all major Splunk use cases (IT Ops, IT Security, and DevOps). SP6 also provides Splunk Managed Services for those organizations needing assistance with ongoing platform administration, assuring that customers can realize the value of the analytics platform.