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SP6 Launches Cyber-Risk Compliance Services to Government Contractors Across the U.S.A.

Clearwater, Florida – April 3rd, 2023 – SP6, a niche technology firm located in Clearwater, Florida, announced today they are rolling out a brand-new array of service offerings. Expanding into the cyber-risk compliance industry, this debut includes CMMC (Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification) consulting, a brand-new continuous monitoring Splunk app, and CaaS (Compliance as a Service).

After becoming a Registered Provider Organization (RPO), SP6 has devised a path of CMMC services that take contractors on the most efficient route to compliance. Instead of overlooking the basics, a CMMC Certified Professional (CCP) will start with CUI Data Mapping, before advising clients through Security Gap Assessments, CMMC Implementation, C3PAO Assessment Support, and finishing with full certification and continuous compliance. In addition to full-service compliance consulting, SP6 has tapped into their wheelhouse of expertise and created a Splunk app, ASCERA, for continuous compliance monitoring.

For broader compliance needs, SP6’s CaaS offerings are tiered for a curated experience. Geared towards the basics, Tier 1 includes select services under six different monitoring and maintenance categories. Tier 2 is a step up from the prior, providing all services under 10 total categories for robust compliance management including Program Management, Program Monitoring, Identify & Access Control, Security Training, Risk Management, Configuration Management, Incident Response, Network Security, SIEM, and Vulnerability Scanning. Tier 3 is an a la carte option that allows clients to pick and choose which specific services they need for a customized compliance regimen.

To achieve results that go beyond existing competitors, SP6 offers a holistic approach that includes providing clients with direct access to certified compliance experts, advising that matches exactly where they are maturity-wise in the compliance process, and offering reliable, attentive service that builds lasting relationships for effortless certification and management in the future.

About SP6

SP6 is a niche consulting and software firm with expertise in two overlapping yet distinct domains: Security and Cyber Compliance.

SP6’s legacy expertise is with log management and security analytics, as well as analytics for technology operations. SP6 emerged as one of Splunk’s leading North American partners, recognized by Gartner as the leader in log management, security analytics (including SIEM), and data analytics. Realizing that Security Operations are overwhelmed with the sheer volume of unmanageable alerts, SP6 has since expanded this expertise to security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR), and the automated validation of security controls. These solutions ensure that an organization’s security tools, configurations, and personnel perform as intended (and offer recommended remediation where they are not).

From that expertise, SP6 realized that tracking security compliance mandates could be made significantly more efficient by leveraging data and information already collected in an organization’s central log management or SIEM tools. SP6 developed a solution to automate the collection of information tied to the NIST 800-171 security framework – in a continuous, real-time manner. This significantly reduces the arduous task of spending hundreds of manhours manually reviewing security controls and collecting evidence to support cyber compliance, while providing real-time, continuously updating compliance status. Many software companies act as a repository for collecting this information into a web-based tool, but very few automate the actual collection of data and evidence. SP6’s NIST-based compliance expertise extends to consulting services tied to the DFARS and CMMC compliance mandates, including security gap assessments, remediation services, C3PAO support services, and continuous compliance monitoring; all led by experienced CMMC Certified Professionals (CCPs).

More information can be found at www.SP6.io.