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ASCERA releases CMMC App for Splunk 

CLEARWATER, Fla., June 5, 2023 — ASCERA is pleased to announce the release of the ASCERA CMMC App for Splunk.

ASCERA leverages automated, real-time data collection to track an organization’s security scoring, maturity, and compliance against the NIST 800-171 framework. ASCERA’s next-generation security risk and compliance management solution is built on top of Splunk, the market leader in security analytics.

ASCERA leverages real-time information and evidence collection that is powered by Splunk’s automated data ingest and logging technology. The ASCERA CMMC App for Splunk has pre-built queries that analyze this collected data to automatically report the compliance status on over 50% of the 110 controls and 320 objectives that comprise the NIST 800-171 security framework which forms the basis for DFARS and CMMC.

This is all done without time-consuming, tedious human-generated information gathering and ‘hands-on-keyboard’ tracking and updating of information tied to NIST 800-171.

The ASCERA CMMC App for Splunk was developed for organizations that comprise the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) to reduce data collection and measurement for DFARS and the pending CMMC mandate. DIB organizations currently leveraging Splunk for log management or as a SIEM, or contemplating doing so, can now significantly benefit from data that has already been ingested into Splunk. This same data can now be repurposed for DFARS and CMMC data and evidence collection.

“There is absolutely no need for InfoSec, sys admins or compliance professionals to be performing manual, time-intensive collection of information tied to the status of NIST controls in their environment” commented Jim Barge, Co-Founder and CEO of ASCERA. “Our mantra is ‘let the machine do the work.’ Data collection and automatic status reporting can be accomplished with over 50% of the NIST controls and objectives. ASCERA harnesses this ability and gives valuable time back to InfoSec and compliance professionals, bringing down the time and cost associated with DFARS and CMMC and allowing those professionals to focus on higher-value activities.”

Key features of the ASCERA CMMC App for Splunk include:

Automated collection of information in an organization’s environment that informs over 50% of the NIST 800-171 controls (320 objectives), greatly minimizing the need for security, technology, and compliance personnel to gather this information manually.

Dynamic updating and real-time, 24/7 status reporting on NIST Controls.

Real-time, dynamic updating of SPRS Score, including trend analysis. SPRS score is automatically recalculated as Splunk data feeds and pre-built ASCERA compliance rules automatically analyze particular NIST controls.

Consolidated “Evidence Book” to streamline internal and C3PAO assessments.

The ASCERA CMMC App for Splunk is available through a simple licensing model. More information about the ASCERA CMMC App for Splunk can be found at Requests for information can be emailed to


ASCERA delivers the next generation of automation to real-time security risk scoring and cyber compliance. The software allows organizations to automatically collect data in their environment which quantifiably informs cyber maturity, risk, and compliance based upon the NIST 800-171 security framework. ASCERA is designed to prevent security, technology, and compliance professionals from having to manually and tediously collect, manage and update this information. In doing so, ASCERA’s automated collection of data from security tools and other software in an organization’s technology stack provides real-time, 24/7 status of security posture and compliance (versus manual information collection that is moment-in-time and subject to change or incorrect after collection). ASCERA eliminates hundreds of manhours of data collection, does so in real time, reduces human error, and provides much greater levels of security visibility and compliance adherence.