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What to Expect on a Splunk Cloud Initialization

Now that the excitement from your Splunk Cloud purchase is peaking or beginning to subside, there are some steps that can help to smooth your experience.  In this cloud initialization blog, we’re going to discuss a few steps that will help to prep your environment and yourself so that you may begin using the Splunk Cloud as quickly as possible. 

The items are not difficult to accomplish and add a lot of great value for your interactions with Splunk Cloud support and getting your data into Splunk Cloud. And they are in no particular order.

However, it should be assumed that you will not be able to perform your first environment login until after you have received the Spunk Cloud email with your credentials.  Not all steps need to be accomplished to enjoy the benefits of Splunk Cloud.

Cloud Initialization Before:

Set up a account. This account will allow you to interact with Splunk online items such as opening and managing support items.

Read/verify Splunk Cloud support contract. The contract will list the support SLA that provides the turnaround time for the different types of support tickets created.

Cloud Initialization After:

Login into Splunk Cloud for the first time. This can be used to verify your Splunk Cloud environment and check the Splunk software version so you can decide which apps can work with your environment.

Setup Splunk Cloud Support Entitlements. Setting the Splunk Cloud support entitlements allows the customer to create tickets for application installs.

Open Splunk Cloud Support Tickets to install apps and add-ons as needed.

Cloud Initialization Anytime:

Review/list data sources to onboard into Splunk. Using the compatibility can be determined by checking the compatibility list on each item.

Contract a Splunk Professional Services Engineer to help with build-out.


You have successfully attained your Splunk Cloud access. The items above will help to ease your transition into usage and configuration of your environment.  There is no order of items.  However, completing some if not all items will assist you in enjoying and using the Splunk Cloud environment.  Of course, help is close by via the internet with general searching and Splunk Answers, Splunk Sales Engineers/Solution Architects, and Splunk Professional Engineers available through Managed Services or contract engagements.

About SP6

SP6 is a Splunk consulting firm focused on Splunk professional services including Splunk deployment, ongoing Splunk administration, and Splunk development. SP6 has a separate division that also offers Splunk recruitment and the placement of Splunk professionals into direct-hire (FTE) roles for those companies that may require assistance with acquiring their own full-time staff, given the challenge that currently exists in the market today.