ransomware executive summary

Ransomware: Executive Summary (for Non-Technical Executives)

Ransomware is no longer simply a technology issue — it’s a business issue

With the average cost of an attack surpassing $4.5 million, ransomware has the power to decimate your organization. That’s why it’s imperative that C-level executives, not just the security team, get involved in prevention efforts. 

In our new white paper, “Ransomware: Executive Summary (for Non-Technical Executives)” we break down everything C-level executives need to know about this rapidly evolving threat. We go beyond broad generalizations and fear statements to provide real facts and data about how ransomware can impact your business and how you can best stay protected. 

Get your copy of the guide now for an evidence-backed look into: 

  • The threat of ransomware in 2023 
  • The 7 critical data points business leaders must know 
  • The necessity of testing your security controls 
  • The what, how, and why of Breach and Attack Simulation 
  • The answers to common roadblocks and objections