What Is Technology Downtime Costing
Your Organization?

$ 1 K
Per Hour

The average hourly cost of an infrastructure failure.

$ 1  

The average total cost of unplanned application downtime per year is between $1.25 billion to $2.5 billion.

$ 1 K
per hour

The average cost of IT downtime per Gartner (recognizing variability due to several factors).

Source: Research firm IDC, a survey of Fortune 1000 companies.

Traditional Root Cause Analysis is Negatively Impacting Your Customers, Employees, and Organization.

Your Current State

Certain mission-critical business systems are non-performant in some way.  These applications may perform slowly, or not at all.

Dozens of highly-paid technology professionals from various departments gather together on a bridge call: networking, system admins, applications, database, storage, and more.

The Problem

With this approach, each team is looking at their own system, not the other systems that make up the whole of any application or service.

Individuals from these teams claim, “My stuff appears to be working – It must be your stuff”.

The Result

Root cause analysis is a frustrating, time-consuming, and expensive endeavor with real impacts to your organization.

No one quite knows exactly what is causing the issue.

Customers suffer.

Employees suffer.

Your organization suffers.

It Doesn't have to be this way.


The concept of Observability is to look at any service as a whole.

Move Away From Siloed Troubleshooting.

When taking a top-down (service level) approach, your technology teams understand each dependency within any application or service.

Each dependency is measured and scored across an entire integrated view, making root cause analysis a more pinpointed exercise.

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