Cybersecurity Decisions
Dictate Your Risks

$ 1

The average cost of a data breach
(United States).

1 %

Your organization will suffer a data breach in the next 24 months.


The average amount of time to identify and contain a data breach.

Source: Cost of Data Breach Report, 2020, Ponemon Institute. Study included 524 breaches across 17 industries and 17 geographies.

Organizations face significant challenges in building and maintaining a fortified cybersecurity program

SP6 Helps You Achieve

What SP6 Can Do for You

InfoSec Policy

Guide InfoSec Policy

Connect Policy to Tool Engineering and Configuration

Ensure Policy Adherence

Practices & Tools

Make Appropriate, Independent Tool Recommendations

Properly Deploy & Configure Security Tools

Ensure Adherence to Required Compliance Requirements

Security Detection

Reduce Lost Productivity Tied to False-Positive Alerts

Develop Higher-Value Security Detections

Achieve Higher Levels of Security Analyst Productivity

SP6 = Security Domain Expertise

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