Security Detection

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Average security detections per day,
mid-sized to large enterprises.
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Number of security detections that
most SOC Analysts investigate per day.
1 %

Percentage of alerts determined to be false positive.
1 %

Percentage of alerts never addressed by security analysts.

Source: Forrester Consulting, 2020 State of Security Operations report.
Survey included 315 technology leaders in security operations
Cross section of various sized organizations:
500-999 employees (26%), 1,000-4,999 (42%), 5,000-19,999 (24%), 20,000+ (8%)

Security Analysts are overwhelmed by too many security alerts. 
Many alerts are never investigated.

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Risk Based Alerting (RBA)

Start focusing on high-impact alerts.

Traditional alerting simply does not work.

Hope is Not a Strategy.

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